Read: The Outlaw Sea

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I’m doubling down on my monthly prescription of William Langewiesche. “The Outlaw Sea,” is another book you don’t want to put down. Turns out the world’s oceans are a big place. And few laws apply. Consequently the world’s water is a wild kingdom or sorts. Pirates, disaster and drama round out a typical day. Forty thousand tankers do their daily business under more than a little bit of secrecy, corruption and complacency. Two chapters stood out to me. Piracy and the sinking of an Estonian ferry. Great research with difficult findings. This book made me want to pick up my cameras and dig in on a topic like this, which is, of course, entirely impossible, but play along so I feel better about myself. Get it, read it.

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      An interesting read. Makes me want to explore the maritime world more. Not sure that would be the author’s intent, but I’m weird that way.

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