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“A Journey on Foot.”

Just think about that. When people say “The world is a small place,” I always add “Unless you are on foot.” It’s true. Our rock is huge when you are under your own power. “Th Old Ways,” by Robert Macfarlane takes us on a bevy of walks through England, Tibet and even the Holy Lands.

As a child I walked every day. Mountain hikes with my bow and arrow. Meadow hikes. Swamp hikes. Desert hikes. And as an adult I find myself wanting the same thing. I’ll be staring at maps later today actually. Planning the next human powered adventure. This book brings a lot to the table, but the ONE thing I want to mention is something mentioned casually at the beginning. The idea of “skull-cinema,” or the dialogue that happens in your head while walking. It’s real. People ask where I come up with my story ideas….now you know. Walking, riding.

And don’t think you have to be a country dweller to reap the rewards of one foot in front of the other. Urban hikes can be equally as powerful.

Get it, read it.

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  1. Cool post, Daniel. I’ve been thinking about this recently. Started riding my bike to work after being completely sedentary for a year, it was quite painful, but it also felt amazing to use my “human power”.

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      If you can get in three days in a row your body will change to adapt. Suddenly you will feel strong like bull.

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