Read: The Next Species

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I checked out this book BEFORE the world began to fully experience a global pandemic, but I could not have chosen a more fitting book. “The Next Species,” by Michael Tennesen is a wonderful book about history, Earth, humans, our impact and the future.

The single dim hope of this pandemic is the idea that we might be able to learn something, change course and save ourselves and the planet. I have less than minimal hope for this.

I loved this book and found it incredibly informative. Lots and lots of notes taken notes that will be referenced in the future, and the book also provided a slew of other reads I must find.

There have been many versions of man. So why would there not be another coming beyond us? Well, the reasons are simple. We are killing the planet at a record pace. But, even when the mass extinction happens, including us, there might be another version of us that emerges.

What happens when the sun gets hotter as it ages and Earth becomes uninhabitable? Well, then we go back to being microbes.

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