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For those of you who were there, this is the piece we commissioned as a recording of the New York launch of The Lost Rolls. As you can see, this wasn’t your average event. But first let me say that seeing and hearing myself on this film is horrifying. “Do I sound and look like that?” Yes, apparently that is me. I’ll be in hiding now.

I’m glad we did this film because this event was so different, and so fun, and had so many facets it was nice to walk away with something concrete we could use to relive that night. We started with projection, food and party, then we to short talk, then on to book and magazine signing, and then returned to projection, food and party.

For those of you who might have missed these stills the first time. Posting them again now, but some are new. FYI. We followed this event with a launch in Paris the day before the attacks too place. Frankly, life has felt a little different since that time, so I’m easing back into life as we knew it.


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  1. Really inspiring project Dan and Ron. The film adds tot he magazine that I have and I continue to look at for inspiration in projects that I come up with in my head but never seem to act upon. Thanks for the push. nicely done all around!

  2. The fact that you guys did this is great. The finished product looks fantastic. The fact that within a few weeks you wound up launching this in New York and then went to Paris during what turned out to be the attacks is surreal, dare I say ironic, based on Ron’s work….really something to try and get your head around in the whole life and fate department for sure!

    Very well done guys!

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