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I normally run about ten years behind, so reading this book solidified this reality. Turns out the place I call home, at least part-time, is a tech uber-hub. Data, tech, science, running at fever pitch levels on the mesa. This book follows the path of several pioneering tech and science giants who all found themselves landing in Santa Fe at about the same time. Some through luck, others through networking. Founded places like Santa Fe Institute. Fascinated by how these things happen, and this book made it easy. Reads like a novel.

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  1. Like what we often hear, books are friends since they offer us knowledge about specific topics. The Info Mesa has the path of different pioneering technology and science giants in Santa Fe. It shows how some companies succeed through networking and some through luck. The book is ideal for wide readers who want to discover the world of science and technology. It can be a good inspiration for those who dream of thriving in a similar industry.

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