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I found Stephen Cope a few years ago through his wonderful book The Wisdom of Yoga. The book I’m featuring here, The Great Work of Your Life, isn’t as great as The Wisdom of Yoga, but it is still a wonderful book that made me think about fundamental, life-changing changing ideas. The book also features life-changing individuals, both well known and unknown, and how many of these people were bound by their reading of the Bhagavad Gita. My copy of this ancient text arrives today. I think you can look at books like this in one of two ways. Skeptical, self-help, unattainable in a f^%$%$ up world, OR a roadmap to the fundamental understanding of self and the world around us. I prefer to take the second approach. I look at our world and think “Is it working?” “Do the people around me seem happy, content or grounded?” Most of the time the answer isn’t positive. So, why not start somewhere?

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  1. This book was instrumental for me, helping me focus my creative priorities and set me on my current path. Well worth the read, and there’s nothing wrong with self-help if it actually helps.

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