Read: The Fifth Risk

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This is an odd book but I love Michael Lewis and read everything he publishes. The Big Short, Moneyball, The Blindside and one of my personal favorites Flash Boys are among the must-reads. You might as well add The Fifth Risk to the list.

This is an odd book because I don’t really know how to describe it. In short, this book is about our government systems and their complexity and what happens when one administration leaves and the next moves on it. And what does this mean when someone like Trump enters the picture.

Let me just say this. It’s not pretty even in the best of times and when someone like Trump and his corrupt posse enters the fray you realize the destruction they are creating could take decades to undo. But this isn’t presented as an attack on Trump. This is presented as the story of what is happening with various departments under an administration that denounces science, math, truth, and fact for personal, financial gain. And for revenge.

You can read this book in a few hours and it is well worth the time. Even if you are a Trump supporter, just the science and logistics are worth knowing.

Get it, read it.

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