Read: The Farmer’s Daughter

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This is getting out of hand. More Harrison. But I can’t stop. There is another after this. The problem is he writes great stories. I’m not a novella or short story fan, never have been, until now. These stories aren’t easy. Everyone seems to be skirting the darkness, but maybe this is a reflection of today? “The Farmer’s Daughter” takes you into the places you aren’t sure you want to go.

All I know is that these books flow like a good stream. Get it, read it. Try to write your own novella.

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  1. You got it bad, man, got it bad. Feels like I have a “Summer of Harrison” compatriot along side me as I course though my summer reading. Currently in the middle of Off To The Side, but will add this one to the list as well.

    Looks like you’re finding used, dog-eared copies too. That’s nice.

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