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This book is magic but in a very subdued way. I’m not sure how I got this book. Must have downloaded it by accident, but I’m glad I did. Tea is a part of my life, and I have friends who actually understand it, so my cabinet is filled with real teas. You all know my friend Arthur from Innovative Journaling. Arthur knows about tea. In turn he introduced me to Phoenix Tea in Burien, Washington. Arthur had the folks at Phoenix send me a starter kit, and I have to say that I finally feel like I’ve had real tea.

In short, it’s incredible. The best tea I’ve ever had. At this very moment I’m drinking “Jin Xuan Hong Cha” from Taiwan. I also have “Golden Dianhong” from Yunnan and finally “Khongea Estate” from Assam, India. These teas look and smell unlike any tea I’ve ever had. I have another that is an enormous piece of solid tea you break into pieces and then use. It smells like the grass that grows along rivers. In a good way.

So Kakuzo Okakura’s “Book of Tea” gave me background on something I’m not familiar with. Also, it introduced me to the idea of “Teaism,” which you have to read about to understand. Not going to blow the concept here. If you like tea, this book is a good one. Short, easy, informative.

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  1. This book is sitting in my ‘to read’ stack. I only bought it for the cover, that’s actually the reason I read, to buy books with nice covers, it’s a vicious cycle.

    It’s a Penguin Little Black Classic… If you buy it, buy this version:

    I’ve only very recently started drinking tea voluntarily, when finally discovered one with some kick:

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      If you want tea with kick then look Chinese or Indian black. You will be wired like you can’t believe. I use Phoenix Tea up in Washington. Worth investigating buy Sydney will be loaded with good tea stuff. Try a bit of milk too. Makes it smooth. I had good tea while in Oz.

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