Read: Surrender to the Flow

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I met Phyllis Lane about twenty years ago at The Santa Fe Workshops. She is a total badass. Not the punch you in the neck kind of badass. Not at all. She’s the other kind of badass. The creative type. Writes, reads, shoots, films, prints, compiles, etc. She plays music too, dances, sings probably. Does art. It’s terrifying. If you think you are doing something just look at her and you will see the new world order. But, that’s not the point. The DNA level of her life revolves around “The Flow.” What’s flow? Well, read the book silly. Oh, she has more than one site. Here’s the other. What I like about Phyllis is that she just does her thing. Or THINGS I should say. She doesn’t talk about doing something, like writing a book, she just DOES it. Lesson for all of us to take note.

PS: She also did the illustrations which are fantastic and worth viewing.

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