Read: Soul of Nowhere

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Craig Childs is a poet. He might not describe himself that way, but after you read his work you realize he has a certain way with words and a certain way with the wilds, and when the two merge you are left with poetry in story form. My man crush with Childs began when I read “House of Rain.” If you love vanished civilizations, the Southwest, nature, great writing and good story then RUN to your local bookshop and buy this. I recently picked up two more “Children of Childs.” “Soul of Nowhere,” is a collections of stories about exploration and discovery in remote regions of rural America. Finding grace in the these places.

I’ve read more than a few books about this type of thing but Childs delivers in a way that makes me question my entire existence, not to mention the existence of those who came thousands of years before me. Much of what i read from Childs I filter through my life in New Mexico. Skirting the edge of the Jemez, camping in Chaco, walking upriver on the Rio Chama.

Soul of Nowhere offers the reader a glimpse into the feeling of being remote. This book is a whisper. One you can choose to ignore or one you can choose to embrace.

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