Read: Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

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Okay, before you go thinking I’m intelligent and that I read physics books for sport just know that I will need to read this little book at least a dozen times before any of the contents will even begin to make sense. Now here is where things get truly strange. I am mathematically illiterate. Truly. But for some reason I could always do physics. Chemistry too. In fact, people cheated off me in college physics. Now, had I been challenged in my ethics I would have potentially traded my physics knowledge for say…a case of beer, or two. But I was too up up for that. No, never. Not a chance. I’m a oak. But just imagine.

Rovelli’s “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics,” exploded on the European market and has now arrived on American shores. This is the essential oil of physics books. One drop is equal to a thousand pages of a normal book. Reading this I began to understand just how little I understand. Understand what? Well, just the basis elements that comprise you, me, the universe, space, time, etc. Nothing major.

This is a TINY book, but like a great edit on a photo essay, the refinement improves the potency.

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  1. For physics geeks (like me although unlike Dan I could never actually get physics), check out Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, explaining quantum physics while at Canada’s Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics on 4/15. Was responding to a journalist’s sarcastic question about “what is quantum physics”. Google the clip – brilliant.

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