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No this is not me. My colleague Kent who is an artist who happens to work at Blurb. Paris College of Art.


Tired at 11AM. Reading at 3AM. One of the worst nights sleep I’ve ever had. Mid trip travel realities.

Teaching today. Paris College of Art. Then a meeting about The Lost Rolls Paris which goes down tonight. The city is booming. More people on the streets than I have ever seen, but I have only been to this place in September and November, never in the summer. I catch myself getting sucked into this place, which is the point really and something I should RELAX to and not fight. The problem is I have to leave, at least at some distant point next week. The main mission of this trip is Blurb driven, as usual, but after tomorrow night things taper off a bit. There is Paris Photo and Offprint, but those are more long haul flights through enough imagery to stun a rhino. There will be the faces I know. Conversation. But what I will be seeking by Wednesday is solitude. The real me will wake and disappear into my head and the streets. Maybe a chance to make pictures.
Lots of questions about my little Fuji. I’ve never come close to filling a card and have never used an entire battery, so this should tell you the kind of shooting I’m doing. Utterly random, and have yet to really explore anything with it. Remember, I haven’t really been a photographer in five years, and when I say this the typical reaction I get is “No, come on man, you’re a photographer.” I totally get why people say this, but I’m actually NOT a photographer anymore. I’ve written about this many times in the past, and it’s not something I’m sad about or depressed by. It’s actually nice. But that’s ME. I did it for a long time and was ready for something else. Trust me, whatever I do next in life will be even further away. Interest and passions change. No big deal. I’ll probably always make snapshots and write, like I’m doing here, which I truly enjoy. These images are muddy. I don’t care.

“We are excited to make books.”

Now I’m happy.

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  1. Not being a photographer has freed many people from self imposed constraints and has allowed them to take great photographs. Hope it works for you, Daniel. I, too, thoroughly enjoy your snapshots and writing. Jet lag sucks, but never feel sorry for someone in Paris.


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  2. I’m the one who always “kicks you in the nuts” about being a photographer … 😀 … Sorry I just want to see more of your images. You always been motivational to me. Probably that is why. I didn’t want to lose it. But transitions are good. They take you to new adventures. To a new side of yourself. So far I enjoy these blogpost with snaps and stories.
    I am transitioning myself. Maybe I’ve always been. Still taking photos. Still considering myself a photographer, but now in lowercase. No money. No pressure. I just shoot for myself. Having fun, you know.
    Transitions are good, you never know where would you end at.

    I still remember Paris. My last year of highschool. My camera broke on the trip there. I didn’t realized, it seemed to be taking photos as normal. It didn’t, I found out when back at home took all my film to develop, I got 4 fantastic rolls bak of … Nothing. Oh boy! … Bagettes with baloney inside. Getting high and drinking Ballantines in the hotel room … It was February. Cold. Intense cold deep in your bones.

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      That is awesome. Ah, what happens in hotel rooms……The weather now is freakishly warm. I’ve yet to even bring out my jacket. So strange. Last time here in November I froze. My transition is long since over, but it’s just a memory at this point. I think I like the idea of daily transition.

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