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Apparently there is this thing called “weather.” Apparently it’s not supposed to be sunny every single day for the entire year. Apparently “weather” has moved into the area. Consequently, the locals are hidden, birds spontaneously give up and fall to the Earth and cameras and tripods go out by themselves.There is something about the cold blue of winter I can’t get enough of. Well, that is until I’m in it for a few weeks. Then I suddenly get puny and want out. But today, right now. This blue I like. I made one other image this day. A good one, but I can’t show it because I KNOW the people in the photo probably wouldn’t dig it. They had that look. Wanted to be left alone, and I get that, but they made up a very nice image I’ll make for myself and keep from all of you. I’m that way.

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  1. Nice. These are all, in a way, pictures we’ve seen before. But sometimes that’s a good thing. Having those referents. Like a familiar guitar riff, a great song well covered, whatever. This, to be clear, strikes me as one of those times.

    Hey, do you know this Keith Smith madman? I just started in on one of his books and he’s obviously bonkers, but might be a genius too. He must be pretty old by now.

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      No, who is this guy? And yes, these photos are familiar. Just daily life and…..guitar. I’m still playing….kinda.

    2. Keith A. Smith is a “book artist” of, I guess, some reknown? He’s been collected by places I’ve heard of.

      Anyways, he’s got a bunch of books on non-adhesive bindings which are not that interesting to me, but also a couple books on structure of books. Some pretty out-there stuff. What happens if you print on transparencies? Cut windows? Glue the ends of a foldout book together? Etcetera. “The New Structure of the Visual Book” is what I am reading now. It’s about half pictures of completely crazy books.

      Partly it’s an object lesson in how overthinking structure causes your content to suffer, but shhhh, it would be rude to say that out loud 😉

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