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I didn’t get a chance to shoot here. I was planning a dawn raid on Coney Island but now my schedule is too full do anything outside of required reading. These images were made in transit. Spent the last two days at Designers and Books Fair where I spent numerous hours talking to people about the Blurb platform. It was a good crowd with good conversation. I also met the publisher of Graphis who is a real gentleman.


Thought I’d have a quick bite before heading back to the hotel. KIDDING. What’s incredible about New York is the number of chicken bones littering the street. Well, New York is filled with horrifying street artifacts, and chicken bones are routine luxury. These looked like they might have been the spicy version. Maybe they didn’t sit well because it looks like the person who consumed them left in a hurry.


I’m going to include a reflection image in EVERY blog post. Just decided. It is your punishment.


I’ve never really had a relationship with New York. I’ve never lived here, and I’m a country boy, so my on-again off-again affair with the city is different every time. There is Old World money here, and many of these people are decision makers. There is as much history here as you can get in an American city. Brash, loud and often in need of a wash, which happens in those wee hours when the machines come and take away the debris.

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      It works great. I haven’t had a chance to really use it on a project yet but I’m thinking mid-November might be the time. It’s certainly small and light.

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