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You can tell a lot about a man by what he throws away. Maybe I use Prell to save money but then buy Faberge Eggs with the savings. Maybe I binge on Little Debbie cakes(who doesn’t?). It’s all there like refuse fingerprints. The city reveals what we take in, put out and walk through on our way to being who we are trying to be. Cities where fame is the goal have a specific feel, and for this reason there is a Hollywood prevailing wind here. That might surprise you but it’s true.

You need to be on in case your moment happens. You just never know. This could be the moment. Now? How about now?
I move from event to event to event. Mornings, middays and nights. Booked. People. Lots and lots of people and lots and lots of conversation. And yes, the books. Picked up a great little Zine last night from local designer who came via Canada. Simple, small, beautiful.
An old friend stops by too. A face that was so surprising my sense of place was immediately turned inside out. For a moment I lost track of where I was. Then the pieces and parts began to merge and the picture was once again complete.
This might be the last post for a while. The next three days are the long type. Lots of movement. Trains, cars and a ferry. Teaching. Listening, probably some note taking and the exchange of digits with the promise of connect.

I dream of, at some point, making a good image again.

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