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The day of filmmaking is behind us. Multiple locations, multiple times. Sound guy, director, assistant and camera operator. Subject. Witness(me). Been a while since I’d been on one of these shoots, and for those of you who don’t know about how these things are done, it’s a ton of work, but also requires far more of everything then you might imagine. Time, takes, content. I don’t know the exact ratio but it’s something along the lines of 10:1. Shoot ten times the amount of content you will need for the targeted length of the film. For anyone keen on narrative it’s a fun thing to observe. The team was very relaxed, focused and came from an organization called Nowness.





This film is being produced as part of our project The Lost Rolls. This project is atypical to begin with, as is what we did the published element; book AND magazine. We are nearing our launch date, November 5th, in NYC followed by November 10th in Paris. After that the project will continue to grow, be displayed and evolve as projects do.

In the meantime screens will glow, color coded keyboards will tick and tack and this footage will be sculpted into something riveting. Until then…..

PS: It just dawned on me that this is the first time I’ve “covered” something with the little Fuji camera. First off, this thing is so small and light it’s like you aren’t carrying anything, and at this point in my life that is something I cannot overstate. It’s also entirely silent. When you have a full time sound guy buzzing around and he doesn’t say anything you KNOW it’s a silent camera. I’ve spent my entire life shooting on manual, but I like this camera at least 50% automatic, sometimes 100%. I either use Aperture Priority or Full Auto. I also use this automated parameter system when it comes to ASA and shutter speed, but when I’m inside in lousy light I take this off and choose a fixed ISO and aperture. As for high speed, I just go for it. Straight to 6400.

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  1. I love what Nowness produces, I think it’s great they’re doing this film, and can’t wait to see it.

    On the gear side, as someone who films with a Fuji, I looked at the video guy’s gear in that top shot, and felt a stab of gear lust. I’d never move around with that brick house, but I have caught myself wishing the X-T1 gave me a teeny bit more rope. I shouldn’t, because I’m pretty sure it’s me, and not the camera, but can’t help meself.

    When is the Lost Rolls film slated to be released?

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      The film should be done before the launch event in NYC on the 5th of November. Sean the camera operator was using the big Sony. I’m sure the quality is off-the-charts.

  2. Well, I’m really intrigued about this film and project you are into so i’ll keep an eye on it for sure. It looks like it is going to be a huge thing with to launching dates and to an international level.

    About the little Fuji … I’ve been keeping an eye on your latest post and I definitely see your style in the photos and some of them if you tell me you took them 10 years ago with your Leica I’d totally believe you; so I guess that is a good sign since seems that you are pulling the same type of work with this Fuji than with your Leica.

    PS: I keep mine in aperture priority most of the time with an auto ISO with a 3200 cap and that works perfect for me. In some occasions I go to manual but not the most common thing.

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