Read: Natural Born Heroes

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A few years ago Christopher McDougall published a book titled “Born to Run.” Shortly thereafter I began to see people running barefoot around the streets and trails of Southern California. “What the heck,” I remember wondering. The popularity of the book spread like a California wildfire.

McDougall has followed up his efforts with Natural Born Heroes a history lesson, alternative exercise book and philosophy book that I greatly enjoyed. There were stretches that seemed like, well, a stretch but each time I found myself shaking my head I was led back in the direction of the backbone of the story which was the battle for Crete during WWII? Did you know how crucial this little piece of rock turned out to be? Do you know what the locals managed to pull off during German occupation? It’s miraculous.

If you are like me and are prone to bouts of endurance exercise and historical craving then this book is for you. Get it, read it.

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