Read: It’s What I Do

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Sometimes when I catch a glimpse of a lens hood swinging off a shoulder I get excited. Excited to think about someone on the hunt for images. Photographers are a strange breed. Obsessed. Possessed. Independent. Fragile. There are many other ways of describing them, but sometimes a photographer puts their own tale down for the rest of the us to investigate. Such is the case with “It’s What I Do, A Photographer’s Life of Love and War,” by Lynsey Addario. Think war, spot news, harsh times and plenty of opportunity for career derailment in the form of death, injury or prolonged captivity. I would imagine it’s difficult, tiring probably, to have to explain yourself, defend yourself, but Addario just puts out the story and lets it unfold. If you enjoy photography, photojournalism then this could be a book for you.

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