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Turns out the plague was a real drag. Plague with a dose of Anthrax for good measure. Sounds rough, and it didn’t discriminate. If you were there, wrong place, wrong time, wrong rats and fleas, you were a goner. This book isn’t the story of the plague although it provides an interesting history. It’s about what came after. Culture, life, science, etc.

Let’s face it, we’ve come a long way science wise, but we still have plague and Anthrax roaming around. Norman Cantor’s “In the Wake of the Plague,” isn’t what I would call a fun read but it truly is fascinating and at times downright scary.

Having an incurable, long-term disease myself, I sometimes wonder if a person wouldn’t be better off getting something toxic like the plague, something that causes you to say “S%$#,” then go to Vegas to blow all your money before the disease ravages then exterminates you in record time. I’m still undecided.

Also, this book reveals some truly revolutionary thought about the relationship between The Black Death and modern HIV/AIDS. Get it, read it and see for yourself. Interesting stuff.

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  1. Looks like another good one. On the list. Have you read The Great Influenza by John Barry? Fantastic history of the flu pandemic during WWI.

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  2. Hey Daniel ! You are one avid reader… good stuff. I too love reading and I’m off to find this book which sounds really interesting even though somewhat macabre. I always read shifter mostly without leaving comments. But I like what you write and I am one of your admirers from Adelaide. I also read with interest the interview by Lorenzo for Caffeine and Concrete. Nice photographs and sketches as an added bonus to a good read. Keep up the great work so that I can continue to find worthwhile reading material by following your insightful suggestions. Arrivederci!

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      Thank you for finally commenting. Yes, reading is one of the most important things I do. At least it feels that way. Lorenzo does wonderful work. Honored to be part of his publication.

  3. Daniel,

    Have you had a chance to revisit this book since C19 hit? Curious on your thoughts.

    Thank you for the work you do and awesome content you create!

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      No to the revisit. But, at least we can quit pretending here in the US. We can quit pretending we know what we are doing. We can quit pretending we are the best, most sophisticated country in the world. We can quit pretending we have a great healthcare system. We can quit pretending we aren’t as politically radicalized as any country in the world. This means we can start over for C20 when it comes.

  4. Wow thank you for the thoughtful response. Come up to Medicine Hat, Alberta – we have plenty of room. It’s the New Mexico of Canada!

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