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Houston. I know what you’re thinking “Oh man, you must be STUCK in Houston.” Not so. This place has changed. This place is refreshing, especially coming from Los Angeles where everyone is trying so hard to be someone else. Houston isn’t refreshing in a physical sense. It’s hot as Hell. But it’s refreshing because it’s open. People are cool. Hospitable. And let me say this. Houston is the most ethnically diverse city in the United States, the fourth largest city and has a booming art scene. Not to mention you are a direct flight to just about anywhere in Latin America. Finance. Oil. Art. And it’s lush. I’m so used to a living in a desert you forget what green things look like. And the sky. Ya, clouds. Like real, tropical clouds.

I can’t really show you photographs from why I’m here. Nothing top secret by any means but didn’t ask anyone about sharing so I won’t. These are not great images, but these images offer flavor. Just a taste. I would have never shot these images with film. They are color and I would have been shooting black and white. This is one of the things I’m loving about the Fuji. I’ll use these for journal snaps. Nothing more. Just a page in the book of life.

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  1. Who knows, maybe turn into more than just a page in the book of life … maybe a real book one day. Not that you need to be persuade to print a book, jajaja (Spanish for hahaha).
    Stay cool my friend, I mean AC and that stuff.

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