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Can you spot how many photo shoots are going on in this one image?

The incredible thing about these images is not the images themselves. The incredible thing is that I managed to ruin $75 worth of Impossible film during the time I made these images. Yes, not all photographers can claim such a thing, but I can and I do. Damnit. Did I tell you I loathe shooting in Newport? I do. I left the house with the pier as destination. Again. KNOWING unless something truly odd happened I wasn’t going to find anything new and noteworthy. But I went anyway because I was desperate.


I’ve probably shot these same images a dozen times, what you do when you are at the pier. But, this was my first trip with the Fuji. Basically I’m looking for evidence. Evidence of how this little camera works. Depth of field, highlight detail, shadow detail, sharpness, color, skin tone, etc. Just making sketches to see what is what.

Plus, a chance to use Lightroom again, which for me might as well be my first time. I feel like I’m in a flight simulator with no pilot’s license. “Sure honey, I can land this plane.” Ya right.
This camera is pretty fast. Again, I was fumbling with my Polaroid, asking people to make their portrait only to have the film implode in the camera, out of the camera, on the camera. “Sorry,” I would mutter as I turned my back and ripped loads of chemical film out into a nice pile. “Can we try again?”

In the middle I would take SECONDS and snap these images. Effortless. Didn’t really think much about them, but the ONE thing I will say is that the pier, often times, does offer me the spacing I’m looking for. The top frame is a good example. It’s easy to build images meaning foreground, midground and background. With digital there is so much sharpness that even loose spacing can work, where as with a 35mm piece of film, depending on the grain and process, I may or may not even shoot an image like this.

I’m rushing a bit here, but just trying to get ready for the moment I end up in a “real” shooting scenario. I will continue to post mountains of average work to keep you entertained. When I finally get something good I will shoot off a flare.

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  1. Hey Daniel. I’ve been following your work on 35mm and medium format and I’ve just started to look at these shots you took with the Fuji X100T. Dude you rock, no matter if it’s digital or analog!! Having said that, and being biased because I have a X100T, these shots have a very distinct feel to them. It’s like Fuji enables you to capture what you feel instead of capturing what’s in front of your eyes.
    Well, maybe it’s just me.
    Sorry but I can’t help it, I just love that little sucker!
    Can’t wait to see your next pictures. Keep up the good work.
    P.S.- Oh and have fun! I mean, that’s the point wright?!

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      Thanks Joao,

      The Fuji works pretty darn well. That’s all I’m after…a bit of fun. A bit of chance maybe too!

  2. Hello Daniel,

    I can feel that you don’t trust the digital world yet and maybe you are overwhelmed by the digital possibilities of, for example Lightroom, but trust me don’t be irritate by all this gadgets! There was a time I was getting crazy about all the options I had to process my photographs and because of that I constantly lost my passion for making photos. But at the end I decided to limit myself with only 1-2 programs. I make no big adjustments upon my digital files (Fuji too) and now I am happy and calm again.

    For you interested I use Capture One 8 and for black & white Alien Skin. And trust me I made one color & one black&white filter and spend about max. 1 minute for each photo! Haha… hmmm I think I missed the point right? Anyway love your site and it is a daily routine to check your new posts!

    Thanks and hope to see you some day?


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      I’m not sure it’s a trust issue. I’ve been using these things for a long while. It’s a lifestyle issue. It’s also a process issue. And an archive issue. But, I don’t really care anymore. In some odd but good way, this is the camera that might lead me away from photography. I have LR and my two presets. I’m good for now. I just need time to shoot!

  3. All I can say is that I have the X100T too. It’s been a process used to shoot with my D700. This camera behaves different, paces you in a different way and I feel it gives me more freedom eventho I have to get way closer if I want a simple portrait (I got the TLC too).
    I don’t shoot RAW (LR5 doesn’t work with it) but the JPEGs are so rich and nice that I barely have to touch anything but a tiny bit of contrast and a tiny bit of blacks and I’m good.
    The option of using JPEG with certain color profile on camera is like choosing in the past to load your camera with Velvia or TriX you take the decision before you start taking photos and you live with it. Point. At least this is how I started to see it.
    I know you love you Leicas and your Hassel, I know that you love film. This is not any of those but, give it a try with an open mind, don’t expect to get the same out of it that you would expect from your analog rigs. Just try it and have fun … Maybe you like it … Maybe not. Will see.

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      I like it. I do. There are situations where it suffers, but that’s true of about every camera I’ve ever had. It’s so small and light, and for me right now..that is so clutch. I make a certain kind of photograph with it. I’m still learning, but do really like it. And I just shot and posted in real time, so that is new.

  4. Keep up the great work, Daniel. Some random thoughts and actions, inspired from you and your blog…
    1. I rented the x100T for a week. I’m buying one later this month. If you haven’t already, turn off the sunshine LCD screen auto adjust. I was so confused for a couple of days when I would take a photo that was metered underexposed and it would look WAAAAAY overexposed on the screen. What, me chimp?
    1a. If you can’t get the optical viewfinder to come back (it’s stuck on digital), you may have bumped the camera into macro mode like I did.
    2. Dumped Facebook and Instagram.
    3. Sat in my favorite chair last night reading an analog copy of Dan Winter’s “Road to Seeing” while my 5th grade son did his homework at the dining room table. The best hour spent in recent memory.

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      I’m forwarding your comment to Dan. I think he’ll like it. Yes, occasionally I do something unknowingly to the camera and it becomes a demon. Normally I just start crying and it goes right back to the way it was before. Or, I light candles in my room. I’ve made a couple of okay pics so far. Three I think but the third is debatable.

  5. Dan:

    I hadn’t checked your “read” stream in a while. (Busy with kids and all.) And then, when I do, I see you’re talking about a Fuji and seem pretty serious about digital (outside of your prior work-related use of digital). It doesn’t seem like you’re pitching film (I’d be aghast because I equate you with film!), but this does seem the most digital-minded you have ever been.

    The big question: Can you see yourself using the X100T instead of your beloved M6 for your core documentary work?

    Hope all’s good, healthy, and cool in your yard …

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      Well, it stuck this time. It’s partly due to the Fuji being the right camera, but also my life is entirely different now. I haven’t been a photographer in five years. My life is about work, work travel, the website, etc. I haven’t done a real project in five years. I need something I can use on the road. As for replacing…well, it COULD replace the M6 but my real baby is the M4, and no, the Fuji cant’ replace that. Nothing can. I will keep M4 and probably Hasselblad and sell the rest. A new life begins.

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