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I know little about history. I make no claim otherwise. And even the things I THINK I know about, often times, turn out with different endings. But that’s okay. What other choice do I have? So I read. Trying to vain to make up for long ground and lost brain cells. Erik Larson’s “Dead Wake,” put me in my place once again. The downing of the Lusitania caused an immediate, American retaliation and subsequent entry into the battlefields of WWI. Right? Not so fast junior.

Larson spins a good story, and I’ve read several of his other books, all good by the way. Devil in the White City is another fav. Dead Wake reads like a thriller, and becomes even more impactful when you remind yourself the story is all too real. Some say “War is good business,” and for some it is, but for the passengers onboard this mega-ship, and the U-Boat commander who brought her down, things are less than optimal. A good read and a book that gave me a much better understand of this momentous event.

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  1. Totally agree. All of Larson’s writing is great. Well, the ones I have had a read of. He has a knack for making historical events read like page turner fiction. That sounds kinda nuts but it works. Really well. I also read this one first, and then subsequently read another; and another; and I thought – this guy has to have a walk, or a strike out, or a pop-up, something. Haven’t found it yet. “Devil…” is an incredible read. The architectural aspects of the event alone are incredible. Isaac’s Storm is another, especially given what is happening between the U.S. and Cuba at the moment.

    Man. Do I jabber on or what?


    p.s. This site is a great mix. Keep at it.

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      I’ve only read Devil, but I agree. Seems entirely impossible, but he pulls it off. And the dual family situation. Glad you like the site. More on the way.

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