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I really enjoyed this book, my fourth Sam Shepard in the past few weeks. This felt the most personal of the books I’ve read, and there are several things I found appealing. First, the chapters have the location where each story was crafted. It gave me a roadmap to where Sam was over these years, something I found intriguing. Cruising Paradise also detailed some of the behind the scenes of acting gigs. I’m sure these stories are a blend of fact and fiction, but nonetheless I thought they were well done, easy to read and felt like they were written by someone I actually knew. Get it, read it.

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  1. The title of this book alone is a sign you need to think about revisiting your own “Paradise” series (which I think is a great idea)…perhaps one day, now that you have wheels and are on the road again

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  2. yo daniel!
    i was wondering if you had any thoughts or opinions on listening to audiobooks as a way of obtaining stories and information from books ?
    i don’t have any experience, but i feel like I wouldn’t come out of a book with the same insights and understanding as I would have by reading it. (but it could be my bias talking)

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      I think it can be a great thing, but most of the time those books are abridged. If you can find books narrated by the author, those tend to be better, or a famous voice that resonates with you. I still prefer books but commuters love audio. Try it out!

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