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I can’t remember reading a play. Well, at least on my own. In school, ya sure, they forced us to read all kinds of things, but as an adult my willingness to read plays hasn’t always been keen. Like going to the opera or even theatre. It FEELS like something I should want to do, but then I get there and all I can think about is Monday Night Football.

Buried Child won the Pulitzer for Sam Shepard, so I figured if I was going to read a play I might as well start with that one. Glad I did. You can learn a lot from someone who knows how to write dialogue. Shepard nails the brutality, and insanity, of the human condition. The rot that comes from spoiled relationships. The land, the bottle, the family tree.

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      Funny you should ask that. I did. I actually caught myself acting it out. It was embarrassing. Thanks for reminding me.

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