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Bull Mountain was a recommendation from my friend Andrew. There are at least three Andrews who frequent this site, so which one is it? You have to guess. I was trying to figure out how to describe this book other than a novel by Brian Panowich, and there was ONE sentence that summed it up for me. “Stop thinking you can right something that was born wrong.” Yep, that’s it. Rural Georgia, drugs, family, land, violence, and a multigenerational look at the spiderweb of human lives. Another book where you feel for certain characters and KNOW things are going to go a certain way……and then maybe they do. Or they don’t. Surprise, surprise. Sticky, very sticky. Get it, read it.

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  1. Glad you found this one. I’ve been connected with Brian since 2014, when his story and my photos appeared in TROUBLE IN THE HEARTLAND: Crime Fiction Based On The Songs of Bruce Springsteen. I’ve been keeping an eye on his literary career since reading his short story in that anthology (and connecting on Facebook) and read BULL MOUNTAIN back when it came it. Absolutely fantastic. I love Southern Gothic/Southern Noir and this hits that sweet spot. If people liked the TV show JUSTIFIED or SONS OF ANARCHY, this book will appeal to them. I won’t be surprised if this gets picked up by Hollywood soon. Oh, he’s a former touring musician and a full-time firefighter, husband and father. Another one that didn’t let his day job get in the way of his creative dreams. If you liked this, check out Benjamin Whitmer’s CRY,FATHER and/or PIKE. Stellar.

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      Your “review” is far better than mine. I like the Southern Gothic title. I don’t have TV, so haven’t seen those shows but have heard about them. And yes, I kept thinking, “When does this film come out?” Awesome.

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