Read: Bones, Brothers, Horses, Cartels and the Borderland Dream

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I started writing this post 56-pages into the book after the author, Joe Tone, gives a life history of a twenty dollar bill. I’m sold. Get it, read it. This book is about drugs, cartels, people, corruption and horse racing, among other things, which I can’t seem to get enough of. Having lived in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California the border and all it’s issues have been a part of my life for a long, long time. Not that I’ve lived any of these things, far from it, but I’ve had keen interest in the realities of this world, and if you pay attention you can’t help but see the residue of this world blanketing the landscape. As you know, we Americans love our drugs, and I mean LOVE. We love TV too. We also love eating shitty food, driving huge cars and invaded other countries for sport but I digress.(Just had coffee too.) Stay with me people!

Tune in, strap down and let Bones take you on a tour of the Borderland Dream. One of the aspects I love about this story is how much of it takes place across the border here in the United States. I think this is one aspect of this story that often gets over looked by people with little interest who love to point fingers at places like Colombia and Mexico while proclaiming “Bad!” “Fake!” But it takes two to tango and we just can’t help ourselves.

This is real world journalism people. You would have to be dead not to notice an alarming trend pervading American culture. The sudden loss of the concept of truth. Math, science, truth and fact being suddenly placed in the “opinion” column. We’ve been politicized to this level. This book, however, is journalism, which means it’s been sourced, researched, transcribed, interviewed, fact checked, etc. A book like this is such a monumental undertaking it’s frankly quite amazing that ANYONE would want to do and yet thankfully there are people willing to take the torch. It’s unfair really that I can burn through it in three hours and churn out this flimsy report, but just know I thought this was a solid piece of reporting and a story worth taking the time to understand. Chances are, these same people are in some way involved in your neck of the woods.

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