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I’m an introvert. (More on this later.)

So when I go to an award show I have no idea what to do. I’m finding small talk more and more difficult. It’s not that the people at these shows aren’t great because they are, I’m just awkward. There really isn’t any other way to put it. My wife says I put off a vibe that makes people afraid to talk to me. I hope not but anything is possible. My only salvation is the camera. It gives me purpose. “Who are you with?” the other photographers and organizers ask. “Ahh, just me.” “Where will the pictures end up?” “Hmm, not even sure I have a card in the camera.”
Hollywood is a fascinating place. Our attraction to the famous is well documented. The red carpet freaks me out, and I will try and make myself puke to get out of it, but watching other people go down is fine. This night was the Society of Camera Operators. Really cool, down-to-Earth people who play a fascinating part in the moviemaking process. They do FAR more than you might imagine, and often times have a very special relationship with the actors, director of photography, director and everyone else.
The other joy is having to wear a suit, which is enough to totally stifle me, but then I look around and see people in tuxedos and realize I got off easy. Film and television play an important part in our culture, so seeing the industry from the award side is an interesting experience. Oh, this is what I ate before the show. Tacos(x3), mini slider burger, fries, some onion thing, sushi, turkey, sweet potatoes. Just in case you were wondering. Totally off the diet, but the building was freezing and I had to carbo load just to make it out alive. In case you are wondering what I look like in a suit. See below. These photos are RARE. In the back row taking selfies, that’s me.

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  1. Daniel, you look like that George Clooney character, you know, the cold-blooded killer? I think we should all start wearing suits again; and hats!


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      So far I’ve managed not to hurt anyone, but it’s still early. I’m holding out hope. I do love those pics from the 40’s and 50’s with people looking sharp.

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      Clint was talking about his buddy who won Camera Operator of the Year. They have been friends, and have worked together for decades.

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