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Humor goes a long way with me. I spend much of my time around photography, and there is a dire lack of humor floating around the Halls of Photo Justice. But Suzanne Robert’s “Almost Somewhere” has enough humor to cover roughly 235 miles on foot. This book details an early 1990’s trek on the John Muir Trail. Three women decided to give it a go. This isn’t some minor excursion. It’s commitment. A seemingly endless supply of 10,000+ foot passes, weather, bears and the strange assortment of men who tend to emerge from the depths of the American wilderness. Sorry women of the world. We have truly flawed among our species. But Roberts turns these encounters, all of them, into humorous moments. I also enjoyed her honesty. She writes about herself and her travel companions in a way that made me wonder if they were still friends. This has to be done, and she does it. Truth always wins out in the long run, or the long hike. This is the second book about the Muir I’ve “stumbled” upon, which makes me think I might have some ill advised trips to the backcountry in my near future. (I did a six mile mountain run yesterday and thought I might die, only to be passed by a 70-ish woman who had just done 21 miles in the same hills.) Women are better. They are.

Books about the wilderness are critical. At some point in the near future the books might be all we have left.

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  1. “Books about the wilderness are critical. At some point in the near future the books might be all we have left. ”

    I’m not a pessimist by nature, but I’m afraid this very well might be the case.

    1. Marcel,
      Kinda scary but all roads seem to lead to the shrinking of wilderness. It’s happening on our watch which really hurts.

  2. If you ever decide to come to Idaho, I’ll take a day off and show you some amazing country in the Sawtooth mountains. It’s truly amazing here!

    1. Tobin,
      I WILL be there for sure. I also want to hit the River of No Return Wilderness. FISHING>>>>>>>>>

  3. Six miles is very respectable! You’re not an Apache yet, but I am unreasonably pleased to learn that you’re well enough to put down 6 miles, let alone in the hills.

    1. Andrew,
      I thought my legs were going to come off later that day. Sore doesn’t even begin to come close. But, now I”m three or four runs in and I’m okay.

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