Read: All the Wrong Places

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I finished this book at 4AM on the morning I hiked Santa Fe Baldy. I closed the book then sat in silence with an open window at my back, cool air reminding me of my current elevation. I was so impacted by this book. Honesty is something that never gets old and something that can’t be denied when confronted by. “All the Wrong Places,” is an honest look at Philip’s life, starting on a farm in Minnesota and ending up here in the arid contours of New Mexico.

Haunted by a singular event, Connors moves, learns, takes jobs, leaves jobs, finds companions and loses them all the while contemplating what could have been. I don’t want to give a single thing away because each chapter is its own gem, and the story has a dark and painful twist at the end.

If you have ever sat and tried to understand your life then this book is a must. Connors is perhaps best known for Fire Season, which I like, but All the Wrong Places is a book that will stay with me a while. Get it, read it.

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