READ: A Visit to Don Otavio

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A friend gave me this book. Mexico. Travel. But don’t view this as a typical travel book because it’s not. 1940’s. A fascinating study of Sybille Bedford’s time in country. What I love about “A Visit to Don Otavio” is casual things discussed as normalcy of the time. Things like food and drink, where they stay, and how different it would be if you visited these same locations today. Imagine showing up at a hotel in Morelia and buying eight bottles of booze, eating a meal of eggs, beans, steak, fish, ham, pudding, cake, milk, wine, beer, gin, all at the same meal, and then functioning at any level whatsoever. I also like the time element, or lack there of. “Oh, you want to go “x” location?” “Yes.” “For how long?” “I don’t know, maybe a year.” A book like this is about ideas. About reflection. Where we were, where we are and where we are going. Get it, read it.

Oh ya, forward by Bruce Chatwin and cover image by….Tina Modotti.

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