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Okay, try to follow along. A few months ago I wrote about an edition-of-one art book I’d been sending around to a variety of artists. The idea is the book arrives, you work on it, instructed that nothing is sacred, so if you see someone else’s work that needs to be added to or changed…go for it. Painters, photographers, writers, sculptors, etc. The book is incredible. As usual, I did VERY little other than getting other, better artists to contribute. Think of me as your high school cross country team manager.

Well, one of the contributors went one step further, which is SO right up my alley. Lawrence Fodor, an inspiring dude, not only made his contributions to the book but he also made a book about those contributions. And then he gave the book to little old me! Man I love it when a plan comes together.(A-Team reference.)

What you are looking at in a spread like below is the prior artists work on the left and Larry’s drawing of that same image on the right. Also, he knows I have Lyme and we both got bee stings last summer, hence the ultra cool bee page. I love bee stings by the way.
And I can’t write about this book without writing about my colleague Kent who contributed many things to the book including Polaroids. Larry worked on a version of Kent as well. It’s such fun to be able to see something like this come together, and be able to work with friends in the process. At some point, if the book survives or doesn’t get stolen, I want to organize a show around this one book. We are probably years out but good work takes time. Enjoy.

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  1. Wow… somehow I just now managed to find this post!?! Love that you loved the little “book on the book!” Thanks for asking me to join in the collaboration – totally enjoyed every minute of looking at every page and deciding where I was going to leave my marks. Can’t wait to see the final product. So much fun! Cheers mate! L

    1. Lawrence,
      Book of books is a grand thing. I showed images of the main book last night here in Amsterdam. That book triggers a lot of reaction. Munson has it now…could be torched when I get back.

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