Print: Meat and Candy

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Yes, you’ve seen this book before. I actually did a post about it here. I wanted to feature this book here because it’s an important cog in the wheel of unconventional publishing. This book represents something important in my life, but NOT something important enough to delay my decision to make something. Let me explain.

Western Australia. Driving on dirt. Endless, red Earth. Hasselblad. iPhone. Friends. A lobster in a cooler. Campfire. Dust. Smoke. Meat. Candy. The whirlpool of the trip swirls in my brain for 20+ hours from Perth to Sydney to Los Angeles. Home but not wanting to be. Need a reminder of this place, a reminder to get off my ass and go back. “I’ll pair the iPhone with the Blad.” Bouncing off one another. Juxtaposed. Easy. Images tile in my mind, falling into pairs, singles. A cover design and type treatment that feels right at the precise moment I make the decision. Done. Upload. Print. Wait. Open. Enjoy.

No life statement here. Don’t care if anyone else sees it. Not why I made this book. Don’t care if it sells. Not telling you it’s great, only that it exists. But there are some gems in here I think. Worth taking the time to look at. 7×7, softcover, Proline Uncoated. A sketch to keep my thoughts in order. The printing forces me to THINK about the work, rank it in relevance, sequence it and make sense of the eddy of images swirling on the monitor. The decisions made are captured via ink on paper. Are they right? Wrong? Like election results, just wait and see.

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      Never even thought about selling it. It’s….okay. Not perfect by any means. Just fun.

  1. Gotcha. It wasn’t clear in your post whether you had it for sale and didn’t care if it sold, OR if you didn’t have it for sale. And I gotta say, I was sort of hoping for the former 😉 But I get it. Thanks!

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      I never had it for sale. I never even thought about that, but probably because I didn’t figure anyone would want it!

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