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Just look at this thing! This is why I love handmade stuff. This thanks goes out to one Andrew Molitor, someone I’ve never met, but someone I’ve been in contact with for a while now. He emailed and asked “Can I mail you something?” “Sure.” Done. And here it is. Foldout. What I love about these things is they point to the direction of the unknown. Just make it. Make something. Send it. Forget about it, follow up, don’t follow up. I for one am greatly appreciative when something like this lands on my door. And one thing is for certain, sure as shit beats email. Thanks Andrew. Keep making.

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  1. Thank you for the generous words, Daniel!

    This is really what I have learned from smogranch and from shifter: just do it. Make something, and put it out there. Make something that means something to you. A joke? A statement? Something you think it beautiful? Whatever. Make it, and then give it to someone, or leave it on the street, or mail it to someone who might like it, or someone who matters to you.

    Or, if this is more your speed, ritually burn it, maybe.

    But do it. Make it, and find an endpoint to it. Otherwise you’re just endlessly tinkering, waiting for.. something. The MOMA is probably not going to call me up, and it’s definitely not going to call me up as long as I am just tinkering about on my computer, waiting.

    So define and endpoint, and get to it.

    That’s my “artistic process” or my answer to “what am I doing with this dumb camera anyways?” which is the same thing.

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      Yes, you are right on the money, but you are also right on the money about this being my strategy. I’m glad you are digging it and also find something that works for you. The great thing about this world is that if you ask ten photographers their strategy you will get ten different moves.

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