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Have you ever done a 440-page book? Probably not, and it’s not that I’m even suggesting it. Frankly, I’ve got NOTHING in terms of work that would warrant a book of this size…and yet here it sits. I did this book because I can. The first test model was a 5×8, trade book, and the book taught me something very important. The physicality of a book is a large part of the experience. I’d never made an 8×10 trade book of this proportion, so I built this one. At first there was slight panic because I figured I would have to rebuild the book, and the work isn’t a quality that gets me excited about looking at it once again, but I was let off the hook. Let me explain.

Blurb added this “change trim size” feature to Bookwright, and with a press of a button I had my new size. There were a few tweaks I had to make, based on my love of square imagery, but other than that it was done. Boom. This thing is HUGE. Heavy. Thick. I used economy color paper, screw it. No need for even the standard color, but again, I don’t envision many people will actually look through this book. It’s too much, but yet it makes a point I like making. Open it anywhere and begin.

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      You got it. Too large for me to travel with, otherwise I’d bring it to you.

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