PRINT: Jumping from Rocks

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Who doesn’t love the Zine? The homemade publication. This is the antithesis of the traditional book, and because the Zine is so personal, and so crafty and so individualistic they are exploding like never before. I’ve personally been at several Zinefest events over the past few months, and they are popping up more and more and more. This little beauty comes to us from the rainy depths of England. Mick Buston. Here I am writing about his Zine and I get a message from him alerting me to this.

Mick changed his life and went back to school to study journalism, photography. He has the sickness, and there is only one cure. Make stuff. Cover stuff. Tell stories. What makes these publications so great is that you know the entire thing is the artist themselves making decisions. It’s THEIR fingerprints on the publication, not some enormous operation where a dozen people are making corporate decisions. Most often these Zine-like pubs are work of the individual, the industrious type who just wants to get their visual message out. For me, these publications are my most treasured books. They have so much feel in comparison to the massive monograph. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of monographs, but they resonate in a different, more distant, way. Thanks for sending Mick.

PS: Received two more Zines from two more photographers, so tuned for more pubs.

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      Thanks Andrew,

      I have two more I’m going to post very soon. These things give me so many ideas. Many of the people making these items are not well known individuals, yet. And many don’t care to be, but the are producing work on par with anyone in the industry today.

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