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My latest publication is yet another test publication. I used our Magcloud platform to a create a small digest sample of the content you can find here on Shifter. Actually, the eventual goal is to show a sample of all of the different kinds of work I do, ultimately leading to a merger of Shifter, Smogranch and my photography which has been mostly dormant for the past five years. Magcloud works a little differently in terms of how the software works, the procedure for upload, etc. but it’s very simple and straightforward. I’ll be doing a series of Magcloud tests over the coming months….if I get the time required.

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      Me too. Am going back and forth about what I what to make. I THINK, after some thought, I’ll do a recap of my entire life, photographically, and blend it with what I’m doing now. It will be a long time coming, due to the edit required, the copy, etc., but it would be a very nice thing to have. Or, I’ll do a small series, one from each of the major projects I’ve done.

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  1. Love the way you’ve designed this book, Dan – the cover and page spreads come together beautifully.

    I’m excited about the saddle stitch option. I’ve had ideas for taking commercially made books and deconstructing them in order to add custom pages and papers, then rebinding them to make small editions. Saddle stitching makes that a whole lot easier than perfect bound.

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      Hey Paul,
      Thanks for that. Truth be told, the pages where you see the copy and images from Shifter were only screen grabs. I did this book VERY quickly. So, I need to go back and build out a master then replace with high res content. With my design skills that could take a month. GREAT idea about pulling these apart.

    2. Genius, holy cow.

      I literally saw the staples, and I have asked Daniel (at least twice and probably more 😉 if blurb could pretty-please make me loose pages, and I simply failed to make the connection.

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  2. Nice!

    Is there a standard pitch you can give on how MagCloud and Blurb fit together?

    From here it looks like MagCloud offers some lower cost binding options (staples and wire-O) but the perfect-bound products frankly looks redundant with blurb’s offerings. The lower cost bindings definitely do fill a hole in blurb’s offerings, and I dig that.

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      They are simply slightly different. Magcloud sizes and bindings are different, but they seem to fit around the standard Blurb offerings. I’m still testing all of this stuff…

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