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Okay, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Edition of one, one-of-a-kind art book. One person works on it, then the next, then the next, etc. It travels the world. Artist, painter, photographer, author, illustrator, etc. “I know someone who would love this,” and boom, it’s off. Right now this book lives in Santa Fe, in the hands of an artist on the way to the hands of a sculptor who works with fire, wood and graphite. Every time the book passes through my hands I marvel at how talented my friends are.

The guts of this thing is a blank, Blurb, 6×9 hardcover.

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  1. This is an incredible idea. Wonder how much pressure the last people to contribute feel though as the book evolves and you know that you can’t let the ‘book’ down. Another brilliant example of what you can do with a sandwich of paper between two covers.

    1. Post

      So far there hasn’t been anything but excitement. Or, at the very least, slight puzzlement that lasts for a minute or two and then “Oh ya, I want this thing.”

  2. ‘Pastedown’

    Somewhere along the way a book nerd got hold of it 😉

    As a book nerd, I approve.

    As a book nerd, I also disapprove! Endpapers should never have content, since they are often destroyed in the process of restoration!

    But on the third hand, perhaps we obsess too much. Ephemeral work is good too!

    1. Post

      I did the front endsheet, but it’s already been worked over by someone else. The rule of the book is “nothing is sacred.” Each contributor can do anything they want to any page, even those already completed. It’s so damn cool.

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