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Miami based Andrew Kaufman, also featured on the Shifter Believe and Shifter Found is also doing some cool things with his publications. What you are looking at is what he calls his “Boxed Edition.” So far there are four books total, each in it’s own case and each holding a limited edition print.

“Tomorrow is Pages and Spreads a local zine maker and book fair.” “The small squares are $150 and the 8×10 boxes are $250.” “Each holds a Blurb book and a print.” “I did this because I want to differentiate my work and give people a chance to start collecting at a reasonable price.” (He sold one of these minutes after I did this post.)

Publishing is changing on a daily basis. This technique isn’t new by any stretch, but when you combine the availability of creation tools, distribution systems and marketing services, these boutique publishing opportunities are more and more viable. We live in a hybrid world, and I think these are a good example of using print-on-demand printing in a smart, fun way.

Kaufman has also published two traditionally printed books and a range of other magazines and novellas.

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      Thanks Christian,
      I thought you were saying “I love you,” which always gets you points! I’ll correct.

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      Process supplies in the UK. They make cases for Blurb books. I also posted about these on my Smogranch site a while back.

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