PRINT: Andrew Kaufman, EUROPA: Europe before the Euro

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Yet another publication from Miami based photographer Andrew Kaufman. This time a Blurb, 7×7, hardcover, Imagewrap with Proline Uncoated stock. Black end sheets. Some nice work with the typography but in essence a very simple book that allows for the photographs to speak for themselves. Sometimes we get caught up in making these massive coffee table books and lose track of the fact that our species has changed consumption habits. Often times a small book can have a large impact.

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  1. Looks like an interesting book. Headed over to Mr. Kaufman’s site after this post enjoyed looking at really nice images. Another photographer to add to my inspiration list. I headed over to his Blurb page as well but this book isn’t for sale. Bummer.

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    2. Larry,

      Thanks for your kind words. The book was part of an exhibition. If you are truly interested drop me a line. I have some stock here.

      Best regards,

      Mr. Kaufman

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