London Journal Five

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Yes, it feels like I’ve been in London for eight months. Intensity. Today was the D&AD Festival. Spending my life in photography I missed out on design and advertising, so I’m trying to make up for lost time. These festivals are incredible. The range of talent is astounding and the quality of the work is truly thought-altering. Blurb has an area with books, magazines, trade books, etc. People come, we talk, they leave and hopefully make their own books, mags, etc.

There are all kinds of other companies here as well. Getty Images. Shutterstock. And Adobe has a PACKED booth right next to ours where you can create a design and they will print it on a t-shirt. Yes, I got a Shifter shirt made. See below. There is also a trailer that houses a mobile children’s book printer. I find these design and advertising events get me inspired in new ways, inspired to experiment to create work I’ve never attempted before. Sometimes it works and sometimes I have to tear up what I do into TINY pieces so even the hotel maid won’t see it.
Check out my mad art skills!

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  1. Daniel, I love the shirt! I’d buy one if they were available. It looks like you’re having fun in London!

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      Thanks Tobin. One more event….then I’m gone. Sunny today,thank God. We’ve got a walk going on so lucked out at least for now.

  2. Thanks for the journals of your travels. Inspires me to do something unique when I get to Korea this week. Safe travels and keep up the informative posts.


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      Got two new pens yesterday. Pilot’s. V5 hi-tec point .05 and a VBall .05. LIquid ink. They are great.

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