London Journal Six

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Ya, maybe I took advantage of a good thing, but the Adobe people are SO nice. A second shirt. The question is now, “How could I have lived without these shirts?” Day two of the D&AD Festival. A special guest in our booth today. The Doodle Man. A charming young guy who murals live and just happened to be muraling in our booth. The man dresses the part and it was a pleasure watching him work. I would watch the faces of the attendees as they walked up and realized he was doing this in real time. What was he doing? He was actually muraling HIS Blurb bookmaking process. Turns out The Doodle Man is a Blurb user. A very cool footnote in history.

Our night entailed crafting a party at Holborn Studios, which is an incredible place that holds significance in photo history due to the number of shoots that have taken place there. We had books, food, etc. I gave a very short intro then introduced Jason Joyce who is not only a fantastic portrait photographer but also happens to use Blurb in a variety of interesting ways. If you want to see a film we did about him then use this link.


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