Latin America Trade 5×8

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I posted about the 8×10 version of this book here, but I didn’t show the original book which led me to the “massive” mini trade books in the first place. So here it is! I THINK this baby was lifted at one of my events, so whoever you are…..send it back! 440-pages of pure nectar. Just kidding. But it IS cool looking, regardless of quality of inside content. Book as object people, book as object. One of my all time favorite photo books is a similar shape and size, and I’ve looked at it so many times it is now in pieces but I still love it. As an author there is no better sign of a good book than a well worn book.

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    1. Dominic,
      I’ve been asked by a few people now, but alas, not for sale. Just a sample book. Haven’t made any new photographs in a long while, so no new things to sell.

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