Dispatches: Maggie Steber

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Yes I live in Santa Fe, and yes, I’m about to get woo woo on you. There are certain people who emit a special energy and Maggie Steber is one of these people, but let me go back and explain where our particular story began. In 1990 I began my photojournalism studies at the University of Texas. As I was registering for classes I was told that the school had a visiting instructor, Maggie, who would be teaching a documentary photography class. I was thrilled. Then, on what seamed like a spontaneous and entirely flimsy reason, the school decided that due to my being a transfer student I would not be allowed to take this class. Forget that I had already been working as a photographer before I even went to photo school, but I digress. My roommate on the other hand was allowed to take Maggie’s class which allowed me to live through his experience.

Throughout my life I’ve found books of inspiration from all angles. Literature, poetry, etc. Maggie’s book about Haiti “Dancing on Fire,” is a book that greatly impacted my life and helped cement the idea that photography was where I needed to be. I was able to track her down in Miami and she revealed a little more about her life, her work and the book she did in regard to her mother. Thanks Maggie.

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