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Within minutes of meeting Lorenzo Princi you know you are in the company of someone who is creative to the core. Driven to do. Design, photography, layout, interviews, art direction and much more. I came to know Lorenzo through his magazine “Caffeine and Concrete,” which is one of my all-time favorite publications. Blurb hosted a meet up in Sydney where I was finally able to meet the man. Lorenzo has a knowledge level that goes far beyond my one art class education, but he shares in a way that makes me feel like there is a flicker of hope that I might one day catch up.

His magazine is a testament to what can be accomplished by the individual. So many find reasons to NOT make something like “Caffeine and Concrete,” but thankfully Lorenzo chooses to power on. The reader benefits from his unique blend of typographic art, poetry and interviews that span a wide range of humanity. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy. And if this isn’t enough he’s also got Blurb Hack.

What I love about Lorenzo is he just creates. What happens after is almost an afterthought because he just keeps making things. MAN do I have an appreciation for this. Oh, he also works full time as a designer. Did I mention that? Yes, so the rest of us are slacking. Totally slacking.

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  1. I am one of Lorenzo’s greatest fans and admirers. I love what he does and particularly admire his unique and beautiful typographic art. The interviews to entrepreneurs on Caffeine and Concrete are diverse and make for some very interesting reading. His poetry is pretty profound and very artistic too. Most of all, Lorenzo’s photography blows me away! I believe he is a self-starter, self-learner, self just get on with it and improve with time ….. Lorenzo is a testament to “if you have the passion, you can do it. Just do it! and don’t worry about consequences or what people are going to say….” The results speak for themselves.

    Bravo Lorenzo – keep doing what you are doing. All of it is fantastic. Now I am off to read your most recent interview on C&C …… can’t wait!

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      I too love what he does. And he’s cool! A rare combination of approachable doer.

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  2. “What I love about Lorenzo is he just creates” – my favourite thing about him too! Lorenzo’s the sort of creative person who can’t not create. Prodigious

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      I would say 80% of the people I encounter will find a reason NOT to do something like. Then, within the twenty percent, you have people like me who make all kinds of stuff, but some is okay and other work is not so great. Then you have people like Lorenzo who make great sh%$ all the time!

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