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Wim shoots his ass off. He’s ALWAYS doing things. And traveling, and making images, and covering the food world, and making prints and sending, mailing, packaging and writing. I’m not sure how he does it, but being Euro is a leg up. I always feel like a toothless hick when I’m around Euro folk because they always feel SO much more sophisticated, collected, together, driven and stylish. They are all these things. It’s just another UNFAIR fact of life.

Anyway, Wim sent me an image and card. As you see here. This is so good and so smart. Here’s the thing. I also follow Wim on Instagram. And he posts a fair amount from what I can tell. I’m actually not on IG much at all, but I do remember seeing his images, but getting a SINGLE image in the mail is FAR more interesting to me than an online stream of any kind. It takes time, energy and sheer will to use the mail. It does. So when I get something it tends to have meaning.

Now, in the back of my head I’m wondering if this image was an image I liked when he posted it on IG. If I wasn’t such a lazy asshole I’d go look that up, but not happening anytime soon. If this WAS in fact an image I liked then he is REALLY on to something. This would be a smart move…hint, hint….

Wim, as always, thank you. Love seeing your work.

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  1. Wim’s work continues to be a joy to see and somehow he seems to be getting even better…

    I’m lucky enough to have a couple of his prints and it’s always a pleasure to receive actual physical mail with creative content inside. It does not take that long to do but can mean so much.

    Keep up the great work my friend!

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