Creative: We Are Neighbors

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You do good work and you will continue to get featured here.(This is a threat.) Featured to my MASSIVE following. I can hear all of you trending because I’M trending so hard. Justin comes to us from the ABQ. And he’s done another cool, thoughtful project. And he went to print. In his words…

This a book called We Are Neighbors. It is a collaboration with a local poet that explores how we use space. How we call them neighborhoods but don’t really know each others stories.

This version is an 8×10 hardcover that we are going to keep limited edition (I think 15 copies) and sell as founders editions. These founders will also get a print and an invitation to a house party that will feature poetry reading by the poet and a slideshow by me. We will then sell a 6×9 trade book (i was listening) in an open edition for very little profit and hopefully have some kind of gallery show.

I always seem to like Justin’s design. Rarely do I like white text on black pages but I do like his application here.(I will steal this look eventually.) I like the line art style cover, pseudo graphic novel style, and the fact he shot in his own hood. He just finds stories, flushes them out and goes to print. More, more, more.

I find projects like this wildly inspiring. These projects have edges. A theme, local, digestible and you don’t have to get on a plane. Same goes for the print aspect. Affordable. Simple. And then move on to the next chapter.

Thanks J.

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