Creative: Visual Diary Peru #001

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The Peru workshop is about to begin. This is my third trip to this South American gem of a country. Peru is at least four countries in one. The coast, the desert, the Andes, and the Amazon. If you throw in the incredible cities you could easily make these five countries into one.

My part is to assist students with their photography and storytelling. I assist as much or as little as someone needs or wants. Some folks like to walk and talk and see what I’m seeing while others look for help with their edit and sequence. I love watching people move through the world, and I love figuring out what they do well and what scares them. (Visually)

Photography is important but experience should still pull the most weight. You should also factor in things like patience, practice, risk, and curation. As storytellers, we have more responsibilities but obsessing does little good. I’ll continue to check back in with more and more short vignettes from the voyage.

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  1. Dan in Peru? Something about that just feels right. You should haven taken that Fujifilm medium format rangefinder that you have/had from the Smogranch days. The Peru portraits from back then were great (or were they Uruguay?)

    By the way, I’m reposting this because my original seems to have disappeared into the internet void.

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      Ah yes. I gave that camera back to Fuji. I’m still using the brand but the X100V is so perfect for teaching. I forget I have it on. Long days and it’s effortless to carry this thing. It has its limits but for the most part it works really well.

  2. Finally I came around to use the Multiple Exposure feature of the Lumix GM1 and G6. Thanks for your continued inspiration, Dan!

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