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I love where I live. To return home I needed to drive 2400 miles in three days. I’m a country boy, mostly, so the destination point was set and my wife and I just got it done. Sure, there were moments when we lost it, but these are the moments we will remember later. If we live. Whatever it is you do in life, do it to the best of your ability. Try to forget the world is falling apart. There are great things being done all around. Art, science, industry, education, and exploration. Stay positive. Stay classy.

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  1. Welcome home.That’s a great place to live, I’m envious, but not in a ratty way. Nuisance other peeps on your route. Note to self….must leave earlier 🙂
    Your coffee ‘details’ reminded me of a video I watched recently. It’s of photographer Jacob Aue Sobol. You might be familiar with him, I think he’s Magnum. I’ll link the video here as I think you’ll appreciate it.
    You’re damn right about news. It gets under your skin and I find myself feeling more and more angered by incompetent and or nasty politicians. It just fuels a negative state of mind. My son is on holiday for a few days in Morocco and I woke in the night last friday to hear on the radio of the earthquake. Naturally, the panic sets in until you know he’s safe, which he was. He’s flying home tomorrow, he’s safe and will return to a comfortable home here in London. He will leave many thousands behind that are not so lucky, and I’m very aware of that. It reminds you how precious life is, and how we far too often take it for granted. Embrace the simple things and enjoy all the moments we have, and don’t waste time letting negativity spoil your day.

    1. Yes, Spanish news tv if full of the earthquake story, and Spain has flown two specialist teams with search dogs out there. To make the Spanish locals feel even better, a geologist was on with maps showing the numerous earthquakes – mostly minor – to have hit the Seville area as well as much of the south-eastern coastal zone, too. According to his report, a big one could certainly happen in Spain, and it’s a matter of when, not if. Think California, I guess. Mallorca, where I live, wasn’t coloured in as part of the danger area, but as it’s basically an island continuation of the same mountain range that follows that coastline, who knows.

      Dan, you’re just happy to be home; the coffee’s but a token, a totem even for that far more basic joy. Bar coffee, out of an Italian machine, is really quite different to anything I can make at home. Accepting that defeat gracefully, I have given up substitute equivalent concepts altogether, and reduced my home-brewed expectations to a jar of Nescafé de-caffed. With enough milk it tastes somewhat vaguely as coffee might taste, but without the associated pain and failure. I call it coffee but think of it as something else. I suppose the only honest solution lies in buying an Italian bar machine. Yeah, I might also buy a new Leica, which would also be my first Leica… I have yet to buy a replacement for my almost-dead LaCie monitor, which kinda goes to show you where my photographic output sits today. I wish I could do all my processing on the little iPad, Photoshop included. That said, winter’s round the corner, and I think rainy day pix more interesting anyway; thanks, Leiter and Turbeville. Maybe that’ll make me pull the card out of the wallet. Lethargy, must be one of those deadly sins, I guess.

      That was some heavy drive, by the way; long trips are nice if you have a wife with you. Apart from anything else, stops you falling asleep at the wheel.

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      We had a friend in Morocco as well. His hotel had serious damage. What bothers me is the lack of education here in the US. People willing to believe nonsense, spread hate, fear, etc. Just so dumb.

  2. I’m surprised that Quark is even known in the US! I always thought that it was a speciality of Germany, Austria and northern Switzerland. Here in Germany, every supermarket carries at least three varieties which differ in their fat content (2%, 5% and 10% fat). In theory, it is easy to make – let fresh milk sit for a day or so at room temperature so that it becomes sour, then add some rennet and let it sit for some more hours until the milk protein separates from the whey. Skim off the protein and squeeze out the remaining whey – voilá, you have Quark.

    This stuff is the real deal: Simply the best, even though it’s from Bavaria.

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  3. Education lacks in most English speaking countries. What is also troubling is the way such disasters get elbowed off the news schedule by trivial celebrity ( big tautology there) misdemeanours.

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