Creative: Update + Question and Answer 45

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Long time no see. Remember my online pals, this is channel is a sideshow at best, so my participation moving forward will be random at best. Those of you who are here, gracias por todo.

1. 6:20, How long have I played Go?

2. 8:19, Any advice for long-term projects?

3. 17:38, Have you ever experienced burnout?

4. 21:18, What do you think of the Michael Kenna clones?

5. 28:35, How do I find a designer?

6. 32:05, Can you talk about wine?

7. 33:50, Can you tell us more about creating an elevator pitch?

8. 38:27, Can you tell us more about licensing?

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  1. Not a YouTuber? Daniel doth protest too much! We’ve watched all 198 of your videos on YouTube (yes, that makes you a YouTuber) and we keep coming back for more. Keep up the good work. 😉

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    2. The “Am I a Youtuber?” checklist:

      Do I say any of the following on a regular basis?
      – “Without further ado”
      – “Let’s get(/jump) straight(/right) into it”
      – “Deep dive”
      – “Don’t forget to hit the like, subscribe…”
      – “I’ll leave a link down below”

      Am I sponsored by Squarespace?

      Did I make a reaction video this year? How about an unboxing video?

      Which do I think is better, elevator music or hipster youtube music, and isn’t it time to call the music police?

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      I just got a new cam and I thought “Man, what would I rather do, stand in line at the DMV with no mask in the middle of a COVID surge or do an unboxing video?” I’m on my way to the DMV now.

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